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Roswell Area 51


What really happened on that warm July, Roswell night in 1947? Surely you have heard of the incident in Roswell New Mexico that has remained a controversy till this day. There is no question that something crashed to the ground that night, but there seems to be no hard drawn conclusion among the different theories. Was it a weather balloon or an alien UFO?

An abundance of people still say that the military and government has many questions they've yet to answer in relation to the Roswell crash. They claim there was an enormous conspiracy to cover up what really happened. Whatever it was that crashed that night left a trail of debris reaching almost a mile long and several hundred feet in width. First discovered by a local ranch manager, the debris was recovered by the 509th Bomb Group Intelligence Office with Major Jesse Marcel at the lead.

Immediately upon their return to the Roswell, New Mexico base Area 51 there was an official press release stating that debris from some kind of flying disc had been recovered. It had been written by Lt. Walter Haut, and a newspaper story followed on July 8th with the headline “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region”. 

However, that press release was almost immediately pulled and replaced by another stating that the crash was only that of a weather balloon, and had nothing to do with an alien UFO. Lt. Walter Haut never a made a big deal of it, and always was nonchalant about the incident when interviewed over the years. He died in December of 2005; supposedly leaving the truth behind in an affidavit that was only to be opened after he had passed away.

His affidavit was a shock to some. There were many people who never stopped believing the government was running a conspiracy, and it looked as if they were finally able to say “I told you so”. Lt. Walter Haut claims that the crash was indeed a UFO made from material that was extremely thin and light weight, yet incredibly strong. He went even further to say that he had seen a couple of aliens on the floor of a hangar where the UFO was stored; they were about 4 feet and had large heads compared to their little bodies.

He also divulges information about a secret meeting between top officials where the UFO was discussed, and even pieces of the debris were present to be viewed and examined. Nine months following the Roswell crash, military and government officials scoured the Texas land to find every shred of debris and evidence of the crash. It was rumored that they even hunted down locals who had recovered a piece for a souvenir and seized the materials.

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The Alien bodys that were recovered from the Roswell crash site were rumored to have been pronounced deceased on the seen and taken back to Area 51 for autopsies. One of the men involved ended up getting away with a black and white video and some pictures of the autopsy. He has still remained anonymous to this day.