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Grey Aliens

When someone mentions the word alien, most people will describe what is now known as the Grey alien. Because of the popularity of extraterrestrials created by all forms of media including movies and books, the Grey Aliens have become the modern day icon for the alien phenomena. Further credibility is offered due to the fact that abductees have given similar accounts and descriptions about this particular species.


What do Grey Aliens Look Like?

Extremely thin with an over-sized head, the Grey is covered with wrinkled, dolphin-like skin made up of varying shades of gray. They have no eyelids so their almond shape eyes appear very large. The Grey stands about 4 to 6 feet in height and weighs between 50 to 90 pounds. It has 4 fingers on webbed hands.

Because they have no ears, it is assumed that they communicate by telepathy. People who have been abducted by Grey aliens confirm that the alien never uses their mouth to speak, but the abductees have a sense of knowing just what the alien wants them to do because thoughts come into their minds when they are with them. This thought transference or telepathy is very calming and peaceful so much so that experiencers state that they wanted to do what the alien suggested and were very calm about the entire encounter.


Famous Grey Alien Abduction

One of the most famous accounts of alien abduction is the story of husband and wife, Barney & Betty Hill. In 1961, they were abducted by aliens and brought onto a UFO where they both received medical examinations. Betty Hill describes her encounter much like going to a doctor's appointment. She had a long conversation with the Grey alien doctor who showed her a star map of their home planet and discussed trade routes their ship traveled.


Where do the Greys come from?

Betty Hill began experiencing nightmares soon after her abduction. She sought professional help and was able to meet with a Boston doctor who used hypnosis to bring back the circumstances of her abduction. She was able to recall portions of the star map and drew a picture of what she remembered although unable to pinpoint exactly where the Greys originated. Years later, Marjorie Fish while researching alien abduction stories heard about the Hill abduction and was able to review the drawing of the star map. She theorized that the Grey aliens' home was on Zeta Reticuli, twin stars about 220 trillion miles from Earth.


Why are they here?

Most people who have encountered this alien being feel that they are friendly and mean no true harm to humankind. They believe that the Greys observe us and document our physical condition just as scientists studying animal species here on earth.

There are other abductees who allege that the Greys are not so innocent and have more sinister plans for humans. Their stories involve a civil rebellion by the Greys' creators, the Reptilians, a race of aliens who cloned the Greys and forced them into slavery. Because the Greys have no access to the technology that cloned them, some stories state that the Grey aliens struck a deal with the U.S. Government. These alien beings would exchange technologically advanced information to the government if we allowed them to abduct humans for genetic experimental purposes. If these stories are true, then the majority of alien abductions committed by the Greys involve their plans to use human DNA to help their race survive.